Harley Quinn and Power Girl

By Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotta and Justin Gray (Authors); Stephane Roux, Elliot Fernandez, Flaviano and Moritat (Illustrators)

D.C. Comics (Publisher)

> Review by Gabriel Allandro

Two fan-favorite D.C. characters, Harley Quinn and Power Girl, team up in what has to be the most underrated adventures ever written. I mean, how can you go without reading about what really happened “in the panel gutter between panels three and four of page twenty of Harley Quinn #12?” Yes, this book reveals the secret adventure that Harley and PeeGee had between two panels. And yes, this book is just as ridiculous as that description sounds. But, oddly enough for a book that could only be considered “good” if you drowned it in kitten videos, the formula actually works. Admittedly, Power Girl suffers from amnesia, and Harley Quinn has convinced her that she’s PeeGee’s sidekick, but other than that, the adventure of the dysfunctional duo works – in a psychologically disturbed kind of way. Many parts of the book are laugh-out-loud funny, such as Harley’s creative encounter with Killy McHappy Bot 2.0, or the violent clash between PeeGee and the almost-evil machinations of Dark Vartox.  (On a side note, if you’ve ever seen a guy wearing a “porn-stache” and wanted to literally rip it off his face? Read this book.) Art-wise, the team does a fantastic job, although some might find issue with a lot of the more cheesecake-like shots. There are a lot of fan-service-type shots, but you’ll be surprised to find that, for a large part of the book, it’s not the women wearing the more scanty outfits. Overall, this book isn’t for everyone. But hardcore fans will love it because the plot is as lovably insane as Harley herself. Fans of Power Girl, on the other hand, will likely want to incinerate it with a blast of heat vision.