An International Banquet of Edible Books

Books2Eat is celebrated for the 8th time in Buffalo

By Heather Cook

Every year, WNY Book Arts Center invites artists, foodies, and book-lovers to design and display books intended to be consumed.  Each presentation is to be inspired by literary references, books, or the general form.  They are exhibited, documented, and then consumed.  Each piece is ranked by local celebrity judges and artist/chefs are awarded with prizes donated from local businesses.

The international Edible Book Festival is a family-friendly event that takes place on or around April 1 throughout the world. According to, the International Edible Book Festival was originated by Judith A. Hoffberg and Béatrice Coron. Judith is said to have gotten the idea over a Thanksgiving turkey with book artists in 1999, and Béatrice created Books2Eat website where despite the distances everybody can enjoy worldwide creations. They contacted friends and colleagues; their first event happened in 2000. Béatrice Coron managed the website until 2006.

Throughout this weekend, creative edible books will be constructed in Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, The Netherlands, Russia, and Hong Kong in order to celebrate books, art and culture. 

You are invited to join them in eating their words on Saturday (4/2) at the WNY Book Arts Center (468 Washington Street).  The event will run from 3-6 pm, with judging between 4-4:30pm. Prizes will be awarded and winners will be announced at approximately 4:30pm in the categories of:  Best Book, Best Tasting, and Most Creative. Soon after the judging, everyone will be allowed to partake in eating the exhibits. 

Additional festivities include: a basket raffle featuring goods from local businesses and organizations, a free edible book kids craft, and a Letterpress demo in our basement studio!  General admission is $5 at the door ($3 for members of WNYBAC). Children under 5 are FREE! If you submit an Edible Book in the contest, you receive two free admissions.

All proceeds from ticket sales, entry fees, and basket raffles go towards ongoing programming at the WNY Book Arts Center.