Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s ‘out your pig but don’t touch my pig’; out front on DC sex harassment: silent on Raniere in hometown Albany

By Frank Parlato;
Nice to see US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand getting more out front on the subject of sexual harassment.  Wonder why she’s had absolutely nothing to say about the branding of women in her own backyard…?
Fight? How about in your own backyard?
Kirsten Gillibrand, a US Senator from New York, hails from Albany. The women-abusing blackmail and branding cult led by Keith Raniere operates in Albany.
Should Sen. Gillibrand call on federal investigators to look into the shocking allegations leveled against Keith Raniere.
But let us remember that due process in law is important. In US Law, people are innocent until proven guilty.
New York Times Front Cover
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Odd Enough: What is NXIVM? Inside this sex slave cult with terrifying allegations of abuse

Finally something interesting from The Knife Media:
  • Your French is Terrible

    Ever tried using an actual French dictionary? “Balance” does not mean “balance” (in this context). “Balance” = “drop” or “out” as in “snitch” or “rat out”. “Balance ton porc” = “out your pig” (not literal pig, the pejorative “pig” = “scumbag pig”)

    Don’t quote a French article if you can’t translate it properly.

  • Anonymous

    Dear French Fry,
    Why not translate yourself and stop complaining?

  • Bill Black

    Political donations?

  • New Yorker

    If you live in New York and want to ask Sen. Gillibrand to do something about NXIVM, go to: