Dr. Oz, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, Melissa Moore.

Four links to remarkable Dr. Oz investigation of Keith Raniere

November 22, 2017 Artvoice 0

By Frank Parlato Opening of Dr. Oz on NXIVM; 3:54 https://www.facebook.com/droz/videos/vb.35541499994/10150927978699995/?type=2&theater 30 second promo with Toni Natalie: http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/true-crime-tuesday-breaking-news-there-dangerous-underground-cult-branding-and-starving?video_id=5648765561001 30 second promo with Susan Dones:   […]

Hitting The Wall

September 30, 2017 Artvoice 0

By Craig Reger “Because it was him, and because it was me”. French Philosopher Montaigne was casually anecdotal in his Renaissance era essays. I thought […]

When Debt Commands

August 31, 2017 Artvoice 0

By Craig Reger “Even if we are ruined by it, it was still beautiful”. Many Nationalistic Germans had this to say about WWI. Fast forward […]