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DEBATE WANTED Hello, I wanted to drop a note and say how happy I was to have read about your editorial changes described in the […]


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The Artie Award Nominations for 2016:   OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION OF A PLAY City of Conversation, Kavinoky Theatre Daniel’s Husband, Buffalo United Artists My Name is Asher Lev, Jewish […]

“ This Department is not aware of the Common Council, nor the Buffalo Water Board, providing authorization to the BMHA to forgive these debts owed to the City. Furthermore, the City and the Water Board do not have any recorded material outstanding liabilities to the BMHA,” says City Comptroller Mark Schroeder.

Mascia, Schroeder balk at BMHA mismanagement

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    BY TERRENCE ROBINSON In this chapter of the Mascia Chronicles we will take the reader on a hair-raising spin around the track of […]

Press Release: Preliminary Statement Brief Regarding Plaintiffs:

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Artvoice makes no comment on the actual case, however are posting as we received as a press release.

Please see the attached Preliminary Statement Brief Regarding Plaintiffs: Jean Bridenbaker and Garry K Connors, the Estate of Matthew Connors, in opposition to the Defendants: City of Buffalo, Buffalo Police Department.

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Seeking Interns and Volunteers

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The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival is now seeking volunteers and interns (someone who is self motivated, creative and well-organized) for April 2016 events which will be taking place at The Tonawanda Castle, Tonawanda, NY from April 13th thru April 17th.



St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

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Long time friends and photographers, Cheryl Gorski and David Seide began their careers together at Varden Studios in 1988. Today, David specializes as a commercial architect photographer and is currently the president of the Chicago chapter of the ASMP. 

Best of Buffalo Voting Is Open!

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Another year has come gone: It’s time once again for , AV’s ANNUAL BEST OF BUFFALO readers survey of all that is strange and wonderful (and  not-so-wonderful) about our fair city and its surrounding burgs. The voting begins today. You can vote online at best.artvoice.com

A Local Buffalo Girl That Made It Big In Fashion

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Hoffman established a recognizable aesthetic heavily focused on colorful, original prints early in her career. Recurrently drawing from nature and mythology, Hoffman ultimately draws inspiration from her own travels around the world and is a true, living embodiment of her designs. 

New York State Veterinarians Support Ban on Cat Declawing

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Formerly, veterinarians were opposed to the banning of a service they profited from.  Now there seems to be a shift in some veterinary circles.  Question for our readers:  If the cat owner wants the service and is prepared to pay for it, should it be illegal?  Healthy public debate is advantageous.  Presently, it is legal to declaw your cat in each and every one of the 50 states.  Read this press release below about the bill.