December 4, 2017 Jamie Moses 0

Poems by Ellen Catherine Scherer                     DEAR READER Dear reader: You’ve been asking me what is this […]


October 23, 2017 Jamie Moses 0

    Poems by Ellen Catherine Scherer I GO LIE  i’m too afraid to name her i keep tripping over the same curb in front of […]

“The Ride” by Cynthia Hunt

July 7, 2016 Artvoice 0

Ring Ring Response Reaction Repugnant Ruffled Rattled Reading Risk Factor Removal Radiocontrast Dye Rx Regimen Recession Recurrence Relapse Resentment Radiation Road to Recovery Rehabilitation REMISSION


June 30, 2016 Artvoice 0

“Memory Foam” by Spencer E. Carr A dirtbag mattress flopped all stained and frameless in the corner wakes suddenly and feels its face—the rictus of […]


June 24, 2016 Artvoice 1

In Dedication to the Buffalo Puerto Rican/Latino Memorial By Alberto O. Cappas   We visited the Buffalo Canal Side Enjoying the lively breeze from the […]


June 9, 2016 Artvoice 0

A Request by Yoshua Carnegie That which was shall be again, and again in new variation. Beloved Machines, When the future has shrugged us off, […]


June 2, 2016 Artvoice 0

GUACAMOLE HOUR BY LISA WILEY —    at the lake house Five avocados wait on the sill, a little conspiracy ripening, as I wonder who […]