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Drinking Games

Voelker's Bowling Alley (photo by Rose Mattrey)

Places where drinking is just part of the fun

Quarters, beer pong, flip cup—boring. Winter is coming to an end and it’s time to get out of the house, but how can you leave the comfort of your couch, have some fun, and still get sloshed? There are plenty of options for those who want to be active and drunk.


5101 North Bailey Ave., Amherst

Lasertron is the ultimate drinking game. Sure, you could sit at home drinking Keystone Light while you and your friends take turns throwing Cheetos at each other and playing Call of Duty one at a time. Or you could get off the couch and play some real (fake) war games. Lasertron is much more than just laser tag now, too. Take a ride on the outdoor go-kart track or take a shot at Cybersport, a cross between bumper cars and lacrosse for up to 10 players. Women warriors get two-for-one drinks on Fridays, and Wednesday is two-for-one night for everyone, with half a dozen beers to choose from, as well as wine and liquor. Now all that’s left is to pick a gnarly nickname like Wolf or Sheen-Machine. Nitro is taken.

Dave & Busters

4545 Transit Rd., Williamsville

Why: It’s a lot more difficult to hit the jackpot on Storm Stopper when you’ve already knocked a couple back, but if you do hit it, those tickets will definitely help toward the cost of that shot glass or beer mug in the Dave & Busters “winners circle.” With billiards tables, bowling, state-of-the-art arcade games, and a full bar, Dave & Busters is the place to go when boredom takes over. Arcade games are half price every Wednesday.

Designated Drivers of Buffalo: Leave the Driving to Us

You find yourself at a bar, maybe you’ve had a few too many beers, and you think your options are to either call a cab and leave your car behind, or take the risk of driving drunk and putting yourself and others in danger.

But there is a third option out there that you might have seen advertised on the wall of your favorite bar. Give a call to Designated Drivers of Buffalo and they’ll send two uniformed drivers to your location to pick you up and drive you home in your own car. Business partners Mike Mulé and Mike Peluso, two people familiar with the restaurant business, formed the company in 2008 after seeing too many friends and customers make the poor choice of getting into a car after a night of drinking. Their business plan is to provide a comfortable and safe way to get you home from the bar with your own car.

“We’ve had multiple friends who have gotten DWIs and we’ve seen what it has done to their lives,” Mulé said.

Though what Mulé and Peluso are doing helps save lives, there is also quite a bit of money to be made doing it. In the short time since they started DDoB, the duo has branched out into Rochester, sold franchises to business people in Denver and Long Island under the name Designated Drivers Across America, and secured a contract with the Buffalo Bills to drive players home from the bars and fans home from the games.

“People think we’re a lot more expensive than we really are,” Peluso said. “We’re 10 to 15 dollars more than a cab, but the difference is in the convience of our service.”

That means riding home in your own car and not having to search for it in a bar parking lot the next day.

For more information on Designated Drivers of Buffalo visit

Voelkers Bowling Center

686 Amherst St., Buffalo

There is nothing like getting wasted and heaving something massive enough to be a weapon down a slippery surface, but this is Buffalo we’re talking about, and bowling (while drinking) is one of the things we do best. There are many bowling alleys around Western New York, but few that have been around as long as Voelkers Bowling Center on Elmwood and Amherst. This is the alley where your parents bowled, and maybe even your grandparents, because Voelkers has been open for bowling since 1941. With drink specials every day of the week, like two-for-one drinks on Mondays and Saturdays, and $6 pitchers on Thursdays, it’s easy to build a buzz after just one game. Now for the rules: Gutter balls drink, a split means chug a beer, a strike means everyone else drinks…

AJ’s Grand Prix

1888 Niagara Falls Blvd., Tonawanda

Why: Drinking and driving is a no-no, but drinking and go-karting…well, that’s a different story. Take 20 laps around AJ’s quarter-mile track while racing eight of your friends. Fastest lap time: 23.006 seconds. That might be a tough time to beat regardless of whether you are a bit tipsy or stone sober. Give it a shot and then sit down at AJ’s Sports Bar and knock a few back. Visit their website ( and look for coupons for buy one get one races.

The Screening Room Café

3131 Sheridan Dr., Amherst

Don’t spend your Saturday movie night sober ever again. Drink with class at the Screening Room Café. Their selection of bottled beer and wine might be a draw, but their movie selection is what keeps audiences coming back. This Thursday (March 10) the Screening Room will feature the 2007 Oscar-winning film La Vie en Rose. The French-Canadian film is the tragic, rags-to-riches story of Édith Piaf, the French singer and cultural icon. On Saturday (March 12) is the 1945 Hitchcock-like thriller Spiral Staircase, featuring Dorothy McGuire. Future showings include a special 35th anniversary screening of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound and To Catch a Thief. If these classics don’t interest you, they take requests. Admission price is between $5 and $6 depending on the film.

cory perla

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