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Battle: Los Angeles

The marketing of movies is both so fine-tuned and widely discussed that it inevitably leads to a lot of assumptions. For instance, if you knew that there was a big science-fiction action movie, the kind that Hollywood believes is what the largest audience most wants to see, that cost more than $100 million, you would expect it to be released in the summer, when attendance is up. And if it were to be released some other time during the year, especially on a non-holiday weekend, you would likely suspect that it was a stinker that the studio was dumping to avoid going up against bigger competition. Right?

Red Riding Hood

Just before Tuesday night’s preview began, a film distribution factotum loudly warned the multiplex audience that anyone caught using a mobile phone would be unceremoniously removed from the premises “without exception, no ifs, ands or buts!” Even before the screening had ended this had begun to seem like an unwarranted warning. There won’t be much of a bootleg market for Red Riding Hood: Even bad movie buffs will be hard put to wring any enjoyment out of this dismally inept horror fantasy.

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