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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v10n15 (04/14/2011) » Section: Week in Review

Peace Marcher Beaten and Maced by NFTA Police

Last Friday’s peace march in downtown Buffalo ended in tears for activist Nate Buckley, courtesy of a dose of pepper spray administered directly into his eyes. Bruises, too, courtesy of the officer’s nightstick.

Rumor Has It...

We’ve been told that Mayor Byron Brown’s administration recently has been trying to negotiate a settlement with NRP Development, the Cleveland-based development firm that claims the mayor spiked a deal to build 50 single-family, rent-to-own, low-to-moderate-income houses on the city’s East Side because the company would not give a minority hiring consulting contract to the Reverend Richard Stenhouse, an ally of the mayor.

How to Drown a Fish

Perhaps you read in the daily paper or saw on the TV news a story about 4.6 tons of dead fish being hauled out of Hoyt Lake last month. The fish kill is not the result of poison but rather a lack of oxygen in the water. Because Scajaquada Creek no longer flows through it, Hoyt Lake is like an aquarium whose oxygenating water pump is broken: still and overpopulated with algae that suck up the oxygen the fish need to live.

Scorecard: The Week's Winners and Losers

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