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Lesson From Japan: Find New Ways to Generate Power

Vivid are my recollections of the northern Japan province where, in the early 1950s, I served as an army band musician, and where my wife’s 89-year-old sister’s, her husband’s, and two offspring’s tsunami-stolen bodies remain unrecovered.

According to some experts, the radiation-related genetic consequences posed by the area’s crippled nuclear power facility might never be fully assessed.

And so my deliberate purpose in writing is to add this citizen’s voice to the rightful demand that nuclear-powered electricity generation be universally outlawed.

Why the world’s nations chose to go the dangerous route in the first place, when, albeit unexplored, there exist safer, radiation-free power generate methods, one can only wonder.

While studying the water fountain novelty in my living room one evening, the thought struck me: Might it be possible, using vertically positioned, solar-powered, immersible pumps operating in relay, to produce hydroelectric energy in abundance by raising/circulating water to, say, a 100- or 150-foot elevation?

A research-worthy idea? Hopefully, yes.

If I’m on to something big, might there be an enterprising engineer in the reading audience?

Joseph Carnevale, Buffalo

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