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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v10n19 (05/12/2011) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Don't Boycott Buffalo Schools

As Parent Facilitator at Lovejoy Discovery School #43, I have been asked by our parents who are concerned with the outcome of last week’s District Parent Coordinating Council meeting to make our voices heard. Our parents have made it clear that they do NOT support the DPCC’s call to action. Our school, diligently represented by our District Representative LouAnn Loveless, was the lone school to vote against the parental boycott of Buffalo Public Schools at last night’s meeting. We do not support withholding our children from school. We feel this is counterproductive. If we truly want to make a difference in our educational system we must FIRST, as parents, be certain our children are attending school every day, well nourished, well rested, homework completed, and ready to learn. Attendance is key to a student’s success! Our teachers, administrators, Board of Education, and Superintendent will never be effective for those students who are not attending school regularly. IF we are sending our children to school daily, 90%+ attendance rate in ALL schools, then we can truly say our district has failed us. Until that time, we agree the system needs change, however, we do not believe a boycott is the answer.

Choking on Chomsky

It amazes me that not only does Noam Chomsky believe he can lecture the United States and its citizens on how to best spread and sustain democracy, but that otherwise intelligent people and organizations like Artvoice continue to feed this delusion (“American Bombs,” Artvoice v10n18.)

Hate in America

“The Civil War, in which are included the causes and consequences, constitutes the central event in American history,” writes historian Paul Johnson in his 1997 book, A History of the American People.

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