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Ask Anyone

czech mate

My girlfriend is from the Czech Republic. We hit it off right away, and quickly moved in together. For the past four months we’ve been planning a trip to Prague to visit her parents. We took time off work, bought our plane tickets. We’re supposed to leave next week.

Great, right? Well, maybe. About two weeks ago, she got a phone call from an old friend who was visiting in the states, and happened to be in Niagara Falls. She called me at work and asked if I’d mind if she went there to meet him. I said “fine.”

So, not only did she turn her cell phone off for the rest of the night, but she didn’t even come home until almost five in the morning. No call, nothing. She explained that her phone was off by accident, and that she lost track of time. I told her I was worried about her, and it escalated into a bit of a blowup. She said she was sorry, and now she won’t even talk about the incident. Tells me I’m being a jealous jerk if I even bring it up.

What is going on here? She hasn’t acted like this before. I want to be cool and European about things, but what if I get to Prague and she starts ditching me to hang out all night with “old friends.” What am I supposed to do? Sit around with her parents?

E. U.

The Moviegoer says: Go on the trip, but dump her when you get back. She wouldn’t have been so defensive if she hadn’t fucked him. Never move in with someone so soon after meeting them. She probably doesn’t treat other people any differently than she treated you.

On the other hand, maybe you’re just a paranoid insecure idiot. You would know better than I. Good luck!

Dining Out says: The disappearing act she pulled is definitely sketchy and you should make sure she’s genuinely interested in being with you (is she an American citizen or looking to get married because she needs a Visa?). I’d still go to Prague with her but I’d recommend making a backup plan (and packing a Lonely Planet Guide) in case she ditches you again.

The Practical Cogitator says: Go on the trip. Bring a guide book and be prepared to buy a Eurorail pass and take off in case you feel like you’re being ditched by this Czech-chick. If you get along well and enjoy the trip together, then great. If it doesn’t go well, at least you have a back up plan.

Now the jealousy thing is another issue altogether. Your girlfriend is living in a foreign country and one of her homeland friends came to visit and she lost track of time and stayed out late and you’re mad at her? That same thing happens to me all the time, and I don’t even need out of town company. Sometimes it’s just fun being out. Lighten up, Francis...

The Sales Guy Says: Well, the first thought is she’s fast-tracking to US citizenship through you. I hope I’m wrong but if it’s love she has a funny way of showing it. I have met up with old girl friends to say hi and have been gone for a weekend, but never while involved in a serious relationship. You’re an up and ask her what happened. If she tries to turn it, or dodges the question, it’s possibly a good time to cancel the trip—and as for the relationship, cancel that Czech.

Dr Sigmund Fraud says: It’s been my experience that Czech women are among the most direct and honest creatures on the planet, so if she tells you she wasn’t cheating, it’s probably not a lie. In fact, I’ll bet that if she had cheated, she would have walked in and told you so, before you even had a chance to accuse her.

That being so, your insecurity will quickly wear on her and drive her away. And that will be a shame for you, because I’ll bet she is—like most Czech women—extraordinarily beautiful. I say go to Prague. What is there to lose?

But if you decide not to go, I’ll buy your ticket. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a romantic stroll around Wenceslas Square at night with lovely Dáma.

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