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The deceptive trailer for Super portrays the film as a quirky indie spoof of the big budget superhero films cluttering multiplexes but fails to acknowledge the film’s excessive, downright gleeful violence and gallons of digital blood. Writer-director James Gunn, who cut his teeth on the Troma films Tromeo and Juliet and Terror Firmer, and who spoofed the superhero genre in the far gentler Rob Lowe vehicle The Specials before scripting the remake of Dawn of the Dead, has delivered the unrated gore extravaganza of the year. For the target audience, this is reason to celebrate; others may beat a hasty exit.

The Double Hour

Between the sheer number of stories most modern viewers have seen and the cookie-cutter nature of most mass entertainment, it’s rare to find a movie that keeps you guessing without becoming merely gimmicky. The Italian genre-bender The Double Hour is a tightly conceived and consistently engrossing exercise; some viewers may want to see a second time to pick up on clues they missed along the way, but it’s perfectly satisfying even if you don’t pick up on every detail.

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