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Audiences with a disdain for talking dogs may find their patience taxed by Arthur, a Jack Russell terrier owned by Oliver (Ewan McGregor). He doesn’t actually talk but renders his opinions via onscreen subtitles, mostly regarding his impatience with his master’s unassertive ambivalence toward his new, very cutely met girlfriend Anna (Mélanie Laurent).

Horrible Bosses

Is there an audience who will pay to hear Jennifer Aniston talking dirty? I wouldn’t say no, but that’s mostly because I don’t understand what her fan base is in the first place. Okay, she was on a hit TV series that ended seven years ago. But she’s done no movie work of any significance, and as far as I can tell she has become the new Elizabeth Taylor, a face the tabloid magazines just can’t let go of even though she’s long since ceased doing anything of any note. (At least Liz worked for charity.)

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