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Rats, Chris Colins!

Talk about irony, at the same time I was on the telephone trying to resolve a rodent issue in Lancaster (yes, rats have arrived in Lancaster), the Erie County Legislature was voting to spend $70,000 for rodent control it previously authorized, but the county executive does not want to spend. Yes, you read that correctly: The executive is making everyone (but the rats) jump through hoops to spend the small amount of money the Legislature approved.

For history on the matter, Chris Collins eliminated funding for rodent control in his 2011 budget. The legislature restored $70,000 in funding and now the executive does not want to spend that amount. In fact, his budget director issued a letter stating that spending tax dollars on rodent control is a waste as it is a “losing battle.” Losing battle? Does that mean the Collins administration is going to sit back and let the rats take over Erie County?

The Legislature wisely passed the measure. The only two nay votes were cast by Raymond Walter and Dino Fudoli. Fudoli is now running for the position of Lancaster Town Supervisor. Does this mean as supervisor Fudoli believes rodent control is a losing battle? Would he let the rats have free rein over the town? It sure seems to be the case.

As for Mr. Walter, the redistricting map favored by him, Fudoli, and Collins would make him the legislator for most of Lancaster. One can imagine his vote if a rat were to show up in his Clarence neighborhood. In any other area, including Lancaster, it is let the people take care of the rats. Perhaps the people should keep in mind who the real rats are and those who would protect the public’s interest when they go to the polls this November.

Robert Farmer, Lancaster

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