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Page One: Inside the New York Times

There are two main attractions in Page One, a documentary which intends to examine the culture of the New York Times and the paper’s adaptations to modern media realities, and filmmaker Andrew Rossi finds and establishes both very quickly.

30 Minutes or Less

The four people I randomly and idly approached at last week’s preview for 30 Minutes or Less had never heard of the Erie, PA incident that seems to have inspired the movie. That incident, which resulted in a guy getting blown up by a bomb on a vest he was locked into, wouldn’t seem to be obvious material for a Hollywood juvenile-jerk comedy, and 30 Seconds hasn’t managed to buck the odds.

Project Nim

If you thought that Caesar was a sympathetic character ill-served by human scientists in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, wait until you meet Nim Chimpsky. Named in honor of the famous linguist (now better known as a political commentator), Nim was the subject of a 1970s experiment to see if chimpanzees could learn language if they were raised in an environment where language was readily used—a human household. Chimps don’t have the ability to make human-like sounds, so the idea was to teach him sign language.

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