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Ask Anyone

sex & politics

After volunteering in a local political campaign a few years ago, I became acquainted with the candidate who was subsequently elected to office. Just before he was sworn in, he telephoned me—having gotten my number from the volunteer list. Long story short, we began an affair. And yes, he is married.

But since taking office, my candidate/lover has not kept most of his campaign promises, has aligned himself with political forces I oppose on political and ethical grounds, and in short, has become an office holder I would never have supported had I known how he’d turn out.

In private we get along great, and I like the sex, but we never discuss politics or his job anymore because we end up disagreeing. I keep asking myself, can I continue this relationship in good conscience? Should I end the relationship quietly, or should I make it public?

Rock the Vote

The Omniscient One says: You are focusing your attention on the wrong person. It’s not about him, it’s about you. You “get along great” with a man who is liar, a political opportunist and is cheating on his wife, and it’s because you “like the sex.” And you’re thinking of making it public? Why would you make it public unless you want tabloid infamy? Do you feel he needs to be punished because you’re sleeping with him? That’s really creepy. You’re affair is private. If you want to punish him then tell his wife about it, I suppose, and let them hash it out. Either way, the politics will take its own course, you need to straighten your personal life out. There are over six billion people on this planet, so clearly there are a lot of capable sex partners. Find a partner who is not a liar and a cheat.

The Back Room Guy says: Go public, it could spawn some unique headlines. Maybe: “Cheating Politician Accused of Lying,” or you could even go as far as “Lying Politician Accused of Cheating,” you know, something new and shocking.

The Straight Skinny: Well, it doesn’t seem like you can do any of this in good conscience, or you wouldn’t be writing us. But it seems that you want to continue the affair, right? So here are some questions:

1. Are you in fact just looking for a way out of the relationship?

2. Are you uncomfortable with the person you have become?

3. Does it turn out that you have been that person all along, but didn’t want to know it, and now want to change your life?

4. Is your having sex with this man helping his (and therefore hurting your) political agenda?

5. Will this man stop having sex with you when you donate to his opponent’s campaign?

If the answers-- any of them-- are yes, you might have to find another buddy. Maybe at campaign HQ.

Smart Money says: You lost me when you complained about him not keeping his campaign promises. Of course he wouldn’t, you idiot. He’s a cheat. You’re probably not the first, you sure as shit won’t be the last and you may not be the only one. Is that what really galls you?

Why bother with morals now? What would be the point of outing this guy? You may as well stay together, you two are made for each other. You’re both untrustworthy.

For the record, I’m not judging you for fucking a married guy, I’m judging you for being an idiot.

Strictly Classified says: Hmmm, this may come off as a little judgmental, but maybe you should be a little more thoughtful about your politics both in and out of the bedroom.

The Sales Guy says: Since both you and your married lover are whores, no one really cares about your new ethical quandary. Considering ethics really hasn’t been the linchpin of anyway. I’m rather shocked this complex topic popped into your head in the first place. Stick to what you do best! But do try to enjoy this lovely weather.

The Gay Perspective: Have some class. End the relationship and keep your mouth shut. No matter what side you were on, everybody hated Linda Tripp.

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