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Another Earth

Fans of the genre will tell you that the best science fiction is never about spaceships or robots or impossible inventions, but about human concerns brought into focus by fantastical plot contrivances. In the case of this independent film, the human story is never in doubt, only what the sci-fi aspect has to do with any of it.

One Day

July 15 is known to the British as St. Swithin’s Day. Tradition holds that whatever the weather is that day will hold for 40 days thereafter. This seems to make it roughly the equivalent of our Groundhog’s Day, and pretty much as valid a predictor of the weather.

Sarah's Key

For awhile, Sarah’s Key looks like it’s going to be another film like Andrzej Wajda’s Katyn, a fictional film designed to bring to life a little-known horror story of World War II that doesn’t fit into the traditional template. In this case, it’s the roundup of 28,000 Jews by the French police in Paris under the orders of the occupying Nazis. Prior to being shipped out to camps, 13,000 people were held at the Velodrome d’Hiver, an enclosed racetrack with no sanitary facilities and no food other than donations from charitable organizations.

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