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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v10n33 (08/18/2011) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Byron Brown: Black Mayor or Black Widow?

He courts you like a spider preying on its next victim. He spins a tale of rhetoric about teamwork, trust, and loyalty to one another and the enemies he needs you to help protect him from. Then he lures you into his web of deceit, a.k.a. City Hall. Once there, you are stripped of your authority, beat down into submission, and lay waiting for the next attack on your person. If you fight back, lay claim to an idea, or don’t go along with the program (no matter who it will hurt), you are stripped of your dignity, professional reputation, employability, and given a new title: incompetent. Your good name is forever besmirched. The final blow used to be taking a fatal bullet and getting fired. Now it’s having your unemployment taken.

The Real Seven Deadly Sins

As I study the literature and journalism of the last several centuries, I am forced to conclude that many of our difficulties are a result of flawed thinking processes that I characterize as “The Real Seven Deadly Sins.” It would seem that getting a handle on these fundamental flaws would reduce deadly conflict in the world and save many lives. I classify them (loosely) as ideologies. These belief systems reinforce one another resulting in a tangled web of misconception at the expense of each human individual.

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