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The acclaimed American documentarist Errol Morris can’t have known about the mass-market British newspaper and telephone hacking scandal that would transpire this year when he began his latest non-fiction film, Tabloid. That noxious scandal has billowed out to trap members of the United Kingdom’s favor-seeking political elite who chummed around with media monarch Rupert Murdoch and his increasingly implicated, rule-breaking corporate executives.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

In today’s world of brand-name marketing, Hollywood studio execs seem to have never met a remake or franchise they wouldn’t spent millions of dollars on, whether they liked the concept or not. Once upon a time, films were remade every 20 years or so, usually to take advantage of some new technology, like color or 3D; now failed superhero films are remade just a few years later because the ultimate prize is a ready-made fan base. The monster chiller Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark represents an altogether different beast: it’s a remake of a film with no built-in audience, made by people who actually gave a damn about what they were making.

Road to Nowhere

Consider yourself at least a junior grade cineaste if you recognize the name Monte Hellman. A graduate of the Roger Corman school of film production, Hellman earned a cult following in Europe for two 1960s Westerns made in collaboration with Jack Nicholson, Ride in the Whirlwind and The Shooting. He did the same in the US in the early 1970s with Two Lane Blacktop, which may be the quintessential road movie.

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