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Train Stations and Universities

A train station most importantly must link the visitor to the city or town it is entering. Can the passengers enter an alternate mode of transport safely and conveniently once they step off the train? The downtown railroad station is now remotely located and useless. It does not need to be the Taj Mahal but it needs to serve its purpose.

Let us not wait for tens of millions of dollars for a train station. A link to Toronto and its environs would be a boon to Buffalo now. The Central Terminal is not the place, it is also in the middle of nowhere. Even a “green” prefab building in the right location would be a good alternative.

I disagree with Dr. Daniel Hess (“The Missing Link,” Artvoice v10n33), there is plenty happening in Buffalo downtown now. There are some new hotels and it is right next door to the Peace Bridge. Our biggest trading partner is Canada and we need to take advantage of that. Canadians already use the airport, ski in Ellicottville, and shop at the Galleria, for example. Buffalo also is known for its arts, historic buildings, theaters, and professional sports teams. Coordinated bus service and subway service can give Erie County the boost it needs without the high pricetag no one can afford or is willing to pay.

Also, I live in the University District, which is increasingly less defined by the University at Buffalo every year. I would like to know why we are not including this district in any UB/medical corridor discussion. We are linked to the university and downtown by rail and incorporate the original historic campus of UB. I think it would be a good idea to see our tax dollars revitalize the neighborhood. Certainly Amherst and the downtown are doing well with private funding and do not need as much from the state and local coffers.

The Buffalo subway can finally be of some real use to link the campus, university housing, and hospitals. If the Bills had stayed in the city, think of the economic advantages. Let us keep SUNY at Buffalo in the University District.

Is there any interest in going with this story when talking of UB 2020? If we downsize this grand scheme, maybe we can include the University District.

> Gail Diefendorf, Buffalo

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