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Illuzzi's Illusions Cost Him Again

We’re often of two minds when it comes to writing about the website run by e-pamphleteer Joe Illuzzi. On the one hand, sometimes his harangues demand rebuttal; on the other hand, perhaps not, since he is mostly read by the politicians who feel compelled to advertise on his site.

A couple days ago, the relentlessly homphobic Illuzzi posted these remarks, in realtion to the suicide of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer:

In the late 70’s, early 80’s, I wrote a plea, appearing in a number of local papers including the Buffalo News, to parents, teachers, children, ect, about the proliferation of teen suicide.

I am sickened that special interests like the Buffalo News, editorial board, Donn Esmonde in his Sunday column, has taken Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide and turned this child’s death into a cause celeb for homosexuals.

Jamey’s story went global, Jamey’s story was lost at one time to Lady Gaga’s pronouncement that she would take this issue up with President Obama.

Here lyes the rug: we really don’t know Jamey’s story, do we?

We have a three act tragedy: Jamey’s facebook posts, his suicide, his parents going public.

Point being other than the fact that Jamey liked Gaga’s music and put together an identity with respect to her music; we have no emperical evidence that this child was a homosexual, none. This might surprise you readers but we have any number of teenagers claiming these erroneous identifications of being either homosexual or bisexual simply to attract attention to themselves, predicated to the music they listen to ect...

The only other person I know so impacted by Lady Gaga’s music is state senator Mark Grisanti. Grisanti changed his vote from no to yes on the homosexual marriage bill.

During the 90’s we had the same problem with so called punk music. Young men and women identified with the lyrics and the white supremacy movement was born in earnest within our borders.

As written the suicide rate among our children has been an issue since the 70’s.

All the Buffalo News, et al. has accomplished is impeding our ability to deal with this issue. This is not about sexual orientation it’s about our children giving up for whatever reason, despair. God help us! ...

In the days since, Illuzzi was edited and added, but this is the original tract. Leave aside the poor writing. (“Here lyes the rug” is a classic.) Leave aside the poor understanding of the subject, too. (While it is true that no one can know Jamey Rodemeyer’s mind, it is also true that young men who identify themselves as gay are, in fact, almost always gay.) Let’s just report this: As a result of this latest round of homophobia, Illuzzi is losing advertisers, most notably Congresswoman Kathy Hochul and City Court candidate Diane Wray. Why they were advertising to begin with, we’ll never know.

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