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Scorecard: The Week's Winners and Losers

The Week's Winners & Losers


Nothing celebrates the glory of America more than fittingly than the freedom to blow up a small part of it. However Gov. Andrew Cuomo, backed by firefighting interests downstate, vetoed a bill on Sept. 23 to legalize the sale of fireworks. New York is one of only four states to ban their sale.

Holy Hypocrisy Batman!

Carl Paladino, an avowed advocate of the free market and critic of government intervention in business, is rallying restaurant owners to do... just... that. In a move we’re sure Tea Party faithful won’t see as hypocrisy, Paladino has joined several restaurants—and tenants—to lobby against food trucks (i.e. competition) downtown.

Sweet Relief

In a stunning second half comeback, the Buffalo Bills excised eight years worth of demons on Sept. 25, defeating the hated New England Patriots 31-34 and giving fans a reason for optimism and expectation this season. It was hard to imagine how good this long-awaited win would feel but now it’s—finally—here.

We Already Got Ours

Despite threats of layoffs, the Public Employees Federation—which covers some 56,000 public sector workers in New York—voted on Sept. 27 to reject Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal for a new five-year labor contract that would freeze wages and require greater benefit contributions. Go tighten someone elses belt.

The Honor System

Beginning Sept. 28 New York drivers seeking to renew their licenses are no longer given a vision test. Instead they are asked to check a box merely affirming they are of proper sight. Considering the spate of recent car crashes into buildings in the region, this doesn’t really seem like a wise idea.

By the numbers...


Diameter in inches of the rope Nik Wallenda plans to use to cross Niagara Falls, roughly 1,800 feet. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed off on legislation to allow the stunt on Sept. 23 although Wallenda still awaits approval from Canadian officials. Jean Francois Gravelet (aka The Great Blondin) was the first to cross the Niagara Gorge via tighrope in 1859.


Number of days that passed between the Buffalo Bills 31-0 thumping of the New England Patriots on opening day Sept. 7, 2003 and their next victory in the series, a dramatic 34-31 win on Sept. 25. The Bills had lost 15 consecutive games over eight years to New England—whose total record over that span was 103-27 versus 49-77 for Buffalo.


Million dollar deficit faced by the NFTA in the 2012-2013 fiscal year, burdened by an estimated $4 million raise in pensions, labor costs and workers’ compensation. Officials announced on Sept. 26 that they were considering fare hikes of up to $2.25 per ride (up from the current $1.75) and greater service reductions to help close the gap.

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