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Ask Anyone

grades for sale

I know it’s wrong to buy term papers online and present them as your own work, but is it okay for me to sell mine? After all, I’m not dictating how the purchaser uses my work. (Which is good, by the way—all As.)

The A-List

The Shutterbug says: If you know that it’s wrong to buy papers and pass them off as your own, you should know better! If it’s okay to sell a paper but wrong to buy one, are you saying it’s okay to sell drugs but not to buy them? You are enabling other students to participate in a practice that undermines the hard work of professors and makes a mockery of learning. Keep your As to yourself and earn money the old-fashioned selling your blood.

The Back Room Guy says: If it is not illegal you should do it.

The Omniscient One says: Hey, this is America. Everything’s for sale, even the presidency. You can sell your kids, rent your wife, sell your prescription for Oxycontin to Rush Limbaugh. Kill a few seals and rhinos while the market’s hot. There’s no end to how much money you can make being a scumbag. And your contribution to keeping some student stupid will be appreciated by grifters and swindlers everywhere. Remember son, this is what made America great! Good luck and remember to vote!

The Gay Perspective: Let’s see. Is the whore as guilty as the trick? I suppose this depends upon your economic circumstances. If you value your success at having earned your grades less highly than the cash you would receive for selling your paper, go ahead and do it. But have no illusions. It is ethically wrong and you are now a whore.

The Practical Cogitator says: Ok, Let’s fast forward to the future: You are an employer interviewing potential new candidates to help your company grow. The cover letters and resumes you receive sound something like this:

I will except any position you’re company has to offer.

I really want to be apart of your team.

Thank you for konsidering my application.

I read their is a job opening at your firm.

These “potential candidates” may have found your paper useful to pass their college courses, but if they didn’t learn to write correctly during their school-age years, when exactly do you expect them to pick up these skills? If you are such a smartie, perhaps you would be better suited to become a teacher.

Seems like you could earn more money in the long run as a teacher, than in short term-term paper sales.

The Graduate says: i’m sic of so called A papers been sold by so called A students. i bot alot of papers off the internet wen i was in undergrad and more often than knot i’d wind up being lucky if i’d get a C on them. U can’t trust people when they say their papers were As and its not like u can get ur money back off these criminals. i say its just a scam and believe me i know cause i spent like seven years trying to fine a good one that wood get me an A but it just never worked. No offence. Maybe u got As but over all i’d say buying papers was a bad deal for my case.

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