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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v10n42 (10/20/2011) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Remembering Fred Keller

Many thanks to Tony Chase for his touching article about Fred Keller, above, who died this month.

A Non-Endorsement of Barbara Miller-Williams

Erie County Legislature Chair Barbara Miller-Williams can’t seem to understand why the local Cemocratic party chose to endorse someone other than herself. Either Miller-Williams is not that bright or she and her Grassroots colleagues are playing this community once again. Williams decided to organize with Republican Chris Collins, with the sole purpose of becoming chair of the Legislature. Her choice affected the black community in a huge way. Health clinics closed, hours to libraries were cut, funding for young, single-mother day-care was reduced, and community-based groups lost thousands of dollars.

It Won't Be a Gay Wedding

Just a few months ago I shared with you the story of my Facebook proposal from my lifetime partner of 21 years, Michael, my soon to be legally wed husband. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation to the Artvoice for sharing our story and a special thanks for all of the well-wishes and congratulatory comments we have received since then. Just the other day we walked into City Hall and purchased our marriage license, and as we sat there, we thought how incredibly blessed we were to not only have one another but to finally be marrying after 21 years together.

Make Bullying Policies Work

I am a Buffalonian and I am shocked by the reception of Jamey Rodemeyer’s death and the reaction to the kids who bullied him. I am writing to call attention to the fact that people are forgetting one simple truth: Jamey identified as gay. Gay students are bullied disproportionately (more often) compared to their straight counterparts. We have to have policies not only in our schools but in our communities that bullying based on any reason—and list them—is not tolerated. Leaving sexual orientation and gender identity out of bullying policies and not even acknowledging that this is a reason gives other students a free pass to bully LGBT students.

Michael Vick and Dogfighting

The question I pose is: Why is Michael Vick still playing professional football? Has the man paid his debt to society? As far as the law is concerned he has, but now he’s back on the field making more money than he did before his conviction for dogfighting. Consider any individual who has served time in prison for a heinous crime. Upon their release no employer is standing at the prisoner gates with an attractive job offer.

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