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Karyn Reece: Psychic

Get to know a Buffalonian...

Karyn Reece: Psychic

“I see dead people” is not just a famous movie line for psychic and medium Karyn Reece; it is her everyday experience. As a psychic, Reece has appeared on the Discovery Channel, TLC, and Lifetime to talk about her unique abilites, in addition to working with law enforcement and running her own psychic studio called the Mystic Shop, located at 4446 Main Street in Snyder.

You are clairvoyant and a medium. What does that mean?

I see, hear, and feel information, as well as see dead people. When I’m doing a reading with somebody it is like I am looking at a television screen by their head and I’m looking at their past, present, and future. It’s like watching a movie.

When did you realize you had this ability?

I was born with it. This is the type of gift you’re born with, you either have it or you don’t. At two years I used to see this woman named Margaret from the other side and she would tell me about all sorts of things, past lives and current lives. My mother is also psychic, but she was no help. She would walk by and say, “Oh, I saw three dead monks today,” or “Oh, there is going to be a train crash,” and then lo and behold there would be a train crash. When my brother and I were six and seven, we were both given the vision that my father was going to pass away. Three weeks later he dropped dead suddenly and unexpectedly from a stroke. We thought it was normal seeing dead people and knowing things ahead of time.

What usually happens when someone comes to you for your services? Do you have to get into the mood first?

Nope, it happens automatically. Many people ask that: “Are you always on?” I tell people that I get what I call bleed-throughs all of the time. I get information and impressions all of the time, usually the day before someone comes in. I might have one of their loved ones come to visit me in spirit or I may start getting impressions about the person. Now, do I always pay attention? No, when I’m off the clock I like to have my down time because it is a really draining experience.

You’ve worked with law enforcement before, even on a federal level. Could you tell me about that?

I’m a little handcuffed—no pun intended—simply because of the nature of the cases. I’ve done a lot of work in solving cases, even some high profile cases that have been on TV, which I worked behind the scenes on. Many times you’ll find that law enforcement doesn’t want to go on camera and say they’ve worked with a psychic. There was one case where there were body parts that had been chopped up. That was really gross. The person came to me and told me that they had chopped my body apart and dispatched it throughout a certain area. I was given directions in terms of streets and highways. Names, numbers, dates, and times are my forte.

What suggestions would you give to people who want to develop their own psychic ability?

Listen to your intuition, your gut feelings. Most people respond to things with a gut feeling. It’s like your sixth sense, or animal instinct as it is often called. I would pay attention to that, write down in a diary or journal when you feel that something is going to happen and when it does. Keep track of these types of coincidences and you’ll start to see that there is more than what we always pay attention to.

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