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The much-cited opening of Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere consists of a sports car circling a track, passing a stationary camera several times before it comes to a stop in the middle of the shot. This brief static sequence is emphatically symbolic, but it’s more significant as a harbinger of what the rest of the film will deliver.

Barney's Version

It’s not something I would say very often, but this is one time when the Golden Globes, that most venal of all awards shows, got it right over the Oscars: by naming as Best Actor Paul Giamatti, who wasn’t even nominated by the Academy.

My Tehran For Sale

As student protests increase in Iran, encouraged by the success of Egyptians in throwing off a repressive regime, the arrival of this film couldn’t be better timed for Buffalonians interested in world events. Granaz Moussavi’s docudrama was shot guerrilla style in Tehran using digital equipment. (The only choice: most of the 35-millimeter equipment in Iran is controlled by the government.) It opens with a scene that would not be unusual in most countries, young people dancing to loud music at a rave. But in this seemingly modern city such gatherings are illegal, and it is broken up by a militia yelling, “Do you think this is Europe? Make yourself decent!”

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