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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v10n7 (02/16/2011) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Give Us Public Healthcare

I can remember as a kid wondering how Bombay, India (now Mumbai) could have such poor conditions that one could often see a body or two lying dead in the streets. At least that rarely happened in this country. I realized as an adult that a lot of the less fortunate die at home or in the emergency room due to a lack of proper care during their lifetime. Why? Because they were not lucky enough to have health insurance provided by their employer or sufficient funds to pay for our own. There is a law that certain hospitals must take the indigent into their emergency rooms, and they are then reimbursed by the government. The trouble is, the indigent wouldn’t need the expensive emergency room in the first place if basic month-to-month care during their lives were available.

Tribute to Unicef

UNICEF—the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund—was created by the United Nations after World War II in December 1946. World War II left many of Europe’s children to face famine and disease. UNICEF’s main purpose in 1946 was, therefore, to provide these traumatized children with food, clothing and healthcare. Since then UNICEF’s role in the world has expanded dramatically.

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