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Scorecard: The Week's Winners and Losers

The Week's Winners & Losers

Responsible Credit

Citing budget surpluses and our (state-mandated) fiscal responsibility, Standard & Poor’s upped Buffalo’s credit score on Feb. 17 from A- to A. If 9/11 has taught us anything, it’s that consumerism is inherently patriotic. And with that fancy new credit score in hand, anyone else down for a new waterfront stadium!

Cat Food

A Buffalo judge on Feb. 17 dismissed animal cruelty charges against Gary Korkuc, whose cat was allegedly discovered during a traffic stop “marinating” in his trunk in olive oil and red pepper flakes. With few real answers to what actually happened, so probably ends one of the most WTF stories of our era.

Papal Smackdowns

It was reported on Feb. 16 that Republican and former Congressman Chris Lee of Amherst sent a scandalous shirtless photo of himself to a Craigslist personal ad while at a Republican retreat and lecture on “intelligent use of information technology.” The irony here is altogther just too twee for words.

Gonzo Journalism

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the Tea Party’s darling in the fight against public unions, was tricked into having a 20-minute phone call (during which he made several ethical lapses) on Feb. 22 with the editor of the Buffalo Beast, who posed as right-wing overlord David Koch. Bravo!

The Great Rich Hope

Jane Corwin of Clarence officially rolled off the Republican’s millionaire-businessman assembly line on Feb. 23 and was named a candidate in the special election to fill Chris Lee’s vacant seat in Congress. At the risk of sounding sexist, here’s hoping she manages to keep her shirt on.

By the numbers...


Total number of search warrants executed by the Buffalo Police during a two-day period between Feb. 14-15 as part of a citywide raid on suspected drug activity. 54 people were arrested as a result of the raids. Total haul for this massive multi-municipal expenditure of manpower and money: nearly $10,000 in cash, five pounds of marijuana and 5.5 ounces of crack cocaine.


Amount in taxpayer dollars paid by New York State Senate Democrats to the Manhattan law firm of Thompson, Wigdor & Gilly, who the Dems hired to try to block subpoenas in the Inspector General’s investigation of the AEG scandal. Subsequent payments to the firm came from Democratic campaign accounts.


Maximum number of years Sabres fans will have to wait until the team wins its first Stanley Cup, according to new owner Terry Pegula, who claimed the process was a “three-year or less” proposition. Pegula officially took ownership of the team on Feb. 22 and proclaimed an end to a penny-pinching style of ownership: “starting today, there will be no financial mandates on the Buffalo Sabres hockey department.”

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