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Open Letter to Congressman Eric Cantor

Here are some words I’d use to describe you: back-stabber, opportunist, ambitious, self-serving, uncaring, obstructionist, manipulator, and Jew. The last word pains me, because, as a fellow Jew, I was raised to believe that our religion—most religions—teach kindness and consideration for others. The above characterizations hardly adhere to those teachings.

Just as Senator McConnell’s stated purpose is to bring down President Obama, your unstated goal is to topple Speaker Boehner and take his place. You’ve left him with so much egg on his face that you’re well on your way to achieving the first part of your objective; whether or not you can replace him is a moot question.

While you and freshman congresspeople revel in your destructive tactics, please consider your fellow Americans who struggle to make ends meet, whose children cope with inferior education, who’ve seen their pockets empty to fund ill-considered and unnecessary wars, who cannot afford to pay for medications and other basic health care needs and who are in a state of malaise and depression. We are the 99 percent. We resent your unwavering support of the one percent.

You have all of 2012 to change your tactics. You have all of next year to cooperate with other congresspeople and senators to shape our country into the prosperous, thriving, “we the people” country envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Seize the opportunity!

> Hallie Morrison Block, Williamsville

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