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Take Me Home

Not to be confused with last year’s godawful Take Me Home Tonight (a title change really should have been considered), Take Me Home is a familiar but pleasant road romance about an odd couple sharing a cab from Manhattan to southern California.

The Viral Factor

Not since the glory days of John Woo’s pre-Hollywood peak have I had so much fun watching an action movie as with The Viral Factor, a Hong Kong production so overstuffed with melodramatic plotting and pyrotechnics that I watched most of it in a fit of happy giggling. Had I been watching it in a theater instead of on a screening DVD, I would probably have been asked to leave.


Over more than 20 years, the eminent German film director Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire, Buena Vista Social Club) engaged in intermittent conversations with Pina Bausch, the internationally prominent choreographer and his countrywoman, about a film collaboration addressing her work. Things never gelled, he has said, until he saw the 2009 concert documentary U2-3D and was inspired by the new digital 3Dtechnology to start practical movie preparations. When Bausch unexpectedly died two days before production was to begin, Wenders first thought the project should be shelved, but reconsidered and proceeded with a new resolve. Pina is the strikingly unusual result.

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