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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v11n14 (04/05/2012) » Section: Week in Review

Will the NFTA Listen to its Customers?

When all the smoke of a game-changing service cut proposal had cleared, and the public furor it caused quieted, the NFTA was left with the diesel soaked rags and a book of matches in the form of the second significant fare hike in three years. Of course the NFTA has been quick to deny that the proposed service reduction was a threat designed to make a fare hike more palatable, but many riders still smell the fumes when they think of the NFTA and its Board of Commissioners.

Evaluating the Evaluators

During a hurriedly organized “emergency” public forum in the Buffalo Common Council’s chamber a couple of weeks ago, called by the city’s District Parent Coordinating Council (DPCC) to discuss the increasingly jeopardized application to Albany for $5.3 million in School Improvement Grant (SIG) money, there was some oddly out-of-synch material available to attendees. On a table outside the chamber, copies of an article by education scholar Diane Ravitch were piled. In a way, this material was symbolic of the contending assumptions and visions that could be identified at the meeting and in the school district’s imperiled efforts to obtain the money.

Scorecard: The Week's Winners & Losers

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