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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v11n23 (06/07/2012) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Demolition on Busti

Open Letter to Sam Hoyt on the Threat of Demolition for the Peace Bridge Plaza

A job is a job. A boss is a boss. But, I would ask you to recall when you helped the people of my neighborhood as we were under assault from lawless criminals. Well, it is happening again and this time you are helping them. This time they are economic and environmental thugs. I suppose you might argue they are business people. But, we both know often, the worst injustices happen at the hands of “business people” or politicians. Of course, I must extrapolate this intended Prospect Hill Preservation Massacre to the governor’s desire to frack New York’s air, water, and land, which will include our food supply. We will not let you.

Celebrate Polish-American History

As a person of Polish ancestry, and whereas Western New York is, and has always been, heavily Polish, I would like to take this podium to extol the virtues of suggesting an ordinance by the Buffalo Common Council, signed by Mayor Brown, to be comprised of these elements:

On "Grisanti Receives Praise and Condemnation for Earth Day"

A recent article and subsequent letter criticizing Senator Grisanti are perplexing, given the Senator’s strong environmental record during his short time in office. As someone who has followed the fracking issue in New York State over the last couple years, a closer look shows that the legislation introduced by Senator Grisanti provides significant protections for New Yorkers.

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