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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Okay, I’m just going to jump into my unorganized, news-blip-inspired thought of the day…

Healthcare costs would go down if the government would stop allowing pollution and subsidize organic food production rather than that genetically modified, fertilized crap they call food!

It’s a blatant fact that NOTHING will be done because the government, or rather the handful of monied individuals who actually control world governments, want us to be poor, unhealthy, homeless, un- or underemployed…from what I’ve learned they not only do not care about us, they actually finance mercenary armies that kill, maim, displace entire populations, creating chaos and brutal wars. And OF COURSE it could happen here. This is their way of distracting our attention from their plans of world domination.

Simplistic views? Maybe. but once you really look at the way things are it doesn’t take much more thinking to see where it’s going. EVERYDAY I’m bombarded by all kinds of information/images that disturb me. It’s not that I ignore world news but how much am I—are WE—expected to absorb on a local/national/global level? I saw a documentary called Ethos hosted by Woody Harrelson recently where he lays out a bleak picture of the future but at the end tells us that we as consumers can change the world by how we spend our money. Hey, Woody! I’d buy only organic, grass-fed, free-ranged local food, but guess what, sometimes I can’t afford it!

I am 100 percent convinced that if ALL OF US did this AT THE SAME TIME, FOR A LONG TIME, that yes, it would make a difference…how big a difference is hard to say. I used to be naive too. I have no desire to join a group or movement or do any actions or whatever it’s called because, I’ll admit it…I am afraid …aren’t you? Is knowledge really power? is ignorance really bliss? WTF?

I totally get why people try to numb themselves with alcohol, drugs, shopping, and non-stop media interaction…but we will have to deal with reality at some point. How do we bring these things up with each other without freaking each other out? I want to believe that human evolution is heading towards a higher consciousness and god realization…peace. Like a child holding on to her father’s coattail in a crowd, I cling to perfect master Meher Baba’s words: “Don’t worry, be happy.”

I embrace and strive toward mindfulness and compassion. I need to stay balanced, hopeful.

> Dawn Mullen, Buffalo

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