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The Amazing Spider-Man

The cliché about introducing an updated version of a product that’s been around for a long time used to be “It’s not your grandfather’s widget.” In the case of this reboot of the popular comic book hero, it would have to be, ”It’s not your big brother’s Spider-Man.” After all, it’s only 10 years since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man launched the series that is rivalled only by Christopher Nolan’s Batman films as the best superhero movies ever made.


I’ve not read Don Winslow’s critically and commercially successful drug-trade suspense novel, Savages, but I’m almost willing to surmise that he may have made a mistake in entrusting director Oliver Stone with its screen adaptation (assuming, of course, he had a choice). I’m speaking aesthetically; Winslow may be well satisfied with the financial arrangements and the results. And there is the small matter of his share of the writing credit (with Stone and Shane Salerno).

To Rome With Love

Having left Manhattan to make films in England, Spain, and France, Woody Allen continued his westward trek across Europe with To Rome With Love. One wonders where he’s headed next. Across the Asiatic Sea to Montenegro, perhaps? Or maybe north to Austria for the ultimate Nazi comedy. He could even stay where he is and do a movie in Vatican City, though he’d be laboring in the shadow of Nanni Moretti’s splendid We Have a Pope, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be coming to a Buffalo theatre anytime soon.

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