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Let Us Vote on Big Budgets, Too

I am so sick of how many Americans are being led by the nose like sheep by our government. Why is it the government only allows us to vote on one budget? And only a small portion of it at that, since most of it is already state-mandated anyhow.

The government plans it that way as a distraction to the real problems. It’s embarrasing to see the public fight over public school budgets while the government wastes and abuses much, much larger amounts of our taxes on other budgets.

If we could vote on bank bailouts, wars, politicians’ salaries, foreign aid, or any other of the useless, redundant governmental agencies’ budgets, our nation wouldn’t be in the mess it is now.

If we could simply make all the big businesses pay their legal share of taxes and not let them escape their responsibility through tax loopholes, our nation wouldnt have any fiscal crisis.

And our nation’s quality of education wouldn’t be trailing those of some other second- and third-world countries. We should be ashamed that every child in our nation isn’t afforded the exact same quality of education and assets as every other child, no matter whether they live in a rich or poor district. If the public wasn’t allowed to vote on the school budgets and instead of most of the other budgets, all our children would prosper and therefore our nation.

Wake up, America…stop fighting and attacking our schools and its teachers over pennies while millions are being wasted and abused by our other governmental budgets. Focus. For our children’s (and therefore our nation’s future’s) sake.

> Frank Kolbmann, Holland

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