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Trouble With the Curve

Let’s get something straight before we proceed. They’ll be no ragging in this review at Clint Eastwood’s odd and gigantically derided performance at the GOP’s Tampa convention last month. No cheaply gratuitous slam-dunk cracks. No, there’s quite enough to razz or gripe about in his latest movie, Trouble With the Curve. Directed by Robert Lorenz, it’s a crudely self-indulgent wallow in worn-to-the-nub pop-culture cliches and sentimental triteness.

2 Days in New York

Once upon a time, the English used to recite, rather derisively, “The French, they are a funny race.” Much of the point of Julie Delpy’s 2 Days in New York seems to be based on this premise, and the presumably uproariously disruptive effect that ensues when a French expat’s family descends on her and her lover in their New York apartment. The fact that Delpy is herself French, and that she has already done a reverse version of this in 2 Days in Paris, may give this effort more meaning, but I’m unsure what it is.

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