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Fundraiser for CEPA Gallery Thursday, November 8

This is how it works: CEPA Gallery, dedicated to promoting photography as an art form, chooses 50 people in the community, gives to each a disposable camera with 27 exposures, and asks each to photograph some part, any part, of Western New York.

Tom Sullivan at Dana Tillou Gallery

Late August in 1986—in fact it was August 31; I remember because the sculptor Henry Moore had died that day. We were into three days honeymooning on Little Cranberry Island in the Frenchman’s Bay chain off the Maine coast—just two off-islanders in a community of lobstermen where everyone knew we were newlyweds. Taking a break from the connubial while my bride read Melville back in the boathouse flat, I decided to walk the rocky banks surrounding the boundary channel. It was already a cool, brisk, sparkling day on the water, and as I reached a spit of land facing the lee side of the island, a brace of sloops rounded the point, rainbow-striped spinnakers billowing, headed toward Bar Harbor. Prancing high in the four-knot chop, they seemed close enough to touch as both helmsmen, faces beaming, gave me a knowing salute, as if to say: “Right on, brother.”

Members show at Squeaky Wheel

Seventeen video artworks, a hands-on video manipulation setup, and a “video sculpture” are on display in the first annual members show at Squeaky Wheel. Something for every taste, just about, from straightforward exposition on corporate environmental devastation in Latin America to a delightful musical cartoon to several visual/aural anarchy pieces.

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