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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v11n46 (11/15/2012) » Section: Week in Review

It Came From Cleveland: The NRP Affair Resurfaces

When the persistent, rumor-fed monster that is the NRP Development scandal first raised its scaley head from the oily waters of City Hall, we heard an interesting story: that the Cleveland-based CEO of the company—whose $12 million East Side housing project was suddenly spiked by Mayor Byron Brown, allegedly because NRP refused to award a minority hiring consultancy contract to the Reverend Richard A. Stenhouse, a Brown ally—had called the mayor, person-to-person, for a post-mortem on how the once heralded project had fallen apart.

Pedaling Into History

One of the crueler jokes Buffalo has played upon itself would have to be the demolition of the Larkin administration building. The innovative five-story office was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but only stood from 1906 to 1950, when it was demolished. The Larkin Soap Company never recovered after the Great Depression. It went bankrupt; the city took possession of the building, eventually selling it to someone who planned to put a truck-stop on the site. The structure was knocked down, the truck stop was never built, and it’s a parking lot today.

Public Accountabillity Initiative Corrects UB President's Report

The watchdog group Public Accountability Initiative (PAI) has sent a letter and report to the chairman of the State University of New York (SUNY) Trustees, H. Carl McCall, calling attention to “a number of important omissions and obfuscations in the September 27, 2012 review of the University at Buffalo’s Shale Resources and Society Institute (SRSI) signed off on by [UB] President Satish Tripathi.”

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