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Paintings by Peter Stephens at Nina Freudenheim Gallery

Peter Stephens’s paintings currently on show at the Nina Freudenheim Gallery are abstractions that get you thinking about how abstractions are abstractions of something. Some original imagery, usually. Or perhaps some idea, some concept, something already abstract, which the painting attempts to represent in imagery.

Fiber art by Carol Ann Rice Rafferty at the C. G. Jung Center

Once upon a time, while pounding the winding streets of TriBeCa during a near-last-minute hurried search for an engagement ring, I glanced absently at a store selling recycled manmade and natural materials made into (what I was soon to get used to calling) art product. Pine cones turned into candle holders, hemp-strung driftwood made into wind chimes, feathery bits accessorizing jewelry, industrial aluminum mesh formed into lamp shades. There were wall hangings of interlocking polished copper rings and glass-beaded room dividers, and on one wall seven different sizes of woven pine needle wreathes.

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