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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v11n47 (11/21/2012) » Section: Holiday Gift Guide

Neighborly Shopping

At the risk of making like a broken record, let us reiterate the message we bear every year as the holiday season approaches.

Grant Central

There’s a section of Grant Street that can accommodate all your holiday shopping needs. To start your shopping trip, head to Guercio and Sons (250 Grant Street) Guercio’s is a small, locally owned grocery store that packs in a lot of Old World charm. Peruse the aisles and you’ll find quite the selection of produce, dry goods, vinegars and oils, spices and sauces, and fragrant coffee beans.

Head North, Young Man

Lately, brand new stores and second locations of established stores have been opening on Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo, also known as Buffalo’s Little Italy. Dotted with antique shops filled with curios, flower shops bustling with holiday orders, restaurants, cafes, and gift shops of all sorts, Hertel Avenue is a great place to spend a day holiday shopping.

Elmwood Avenue, From the Top

Bidwell Park is one of the nicest areas that the Elmwood Strip has to offer, with coffee shops, art galleries, dining, clothing, gift shops, and plenty of greenspace in which just relax and eat a gelato.

Accessible Allentown

Living in the heart of Allentown definitely has its perks and can be quite useful during the holiday season. Although known for its delicious restaurants and hip bars, Allen Street also offers some great gift-buying options, no matter who you’re buying for. A simple neighborhood stroll can help you knock off a good portion of your holiday buys.

Shopping Online, Locally

If you must shop online this year, consider keeping your credit card secure and unburdened, and look instead at that great international flea market that is Craigslist. Not only will you keep your money local, so it bounces around the regional economy a while longer before being sucked away by some corporation headquartered in the South or overseas, but it also counts as a recycling. You’re reducing the consumer demand for more and more production by going with a secondhand gift.

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