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Photography by Jean-Michel Reed and Kate S. Parzych at CEPA

Jean-Michel Reed’s photographs feature two polar opposite categories of subject matter that distinguish photography as an artistic medium. (As opposed to, say, painting, or at least modern painting.) The two polar categories are the spectacular and the banal.

Gary L. Wolfe's paintings at NCCC

Gary L. Wolfe likes to juxtapose images. Doubling up on them. Sometimes by way of overlay. One image on top of another. The technical term is palimpsest. Sometimes by placing the images side by side.

Reflections on the works of Jackie Felix at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center

Attending the reading by Al Felix, a memento mori to his late wife, Jackie, held at Indigo Gallery two Sundays past, I witnessed a poignant tribute to a woman I had known as a friend and fellow artist for more than 20 years. As Al spoke his loving, poetic words, I took in the artwork on the walls around us, and the assembled friends of Jackie Felix, and thought about her imagery.

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