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Mardi Gras Joints, Events & Best Bets

2012 Mardi Gras Best Bets

The Blues Hounds

The Blues Hounds

Noir, 5-8pm

Featuring Jeremy Keyes, one of the region’s best blues harmonica players, and the growling voice of singer JJ White, the music of the Blues Hounds rises from the Delta, by wat of Memphis and Chicago. Perfect for Fat Tuesday.

Chevon Davis & Friends

Nietzsche’s (10pm), Underground (midnight)

Malibu Breeze, Kitty Good, Vanity Vogue. Nope, these aren’t cocktails; these are just a few of the drag queens that will be rocking the dance floors at Nietzsche’s and Underground n Fat Tuesday.

LeeRon Zydeco and the Hot Tamales

LeeRon Zydeco and the Hot Tamales

DBGBs (5:30pm), Armor Inn (8pm)

LeeRon Zydeco and the Hot Tamales are the quintessential Mardi Gras band. A mix of American roots music, folk, and zydeco—a form of Creole music which evolved in southwest Louisiana in the early 19th century—you can almost taste the spice coming from LeeRon’s accordion. When LeeRon, a.k.a. Ron Davis, hooks up with the Hot Tamales, his signature backing band, then he really starts to spit fire as they dip into everything from Tex-Mex to Caribbean and Cajun music, too.

Steam Donkeys


If you’re looking for sure bet on Mardi Gras, the Steam Donkeys are it. That’s because this Buffalo band, fronted by AV’s own Buck Quigley, has been playing a mix of country, rock, honky-tonk, and Americana for over a decade now. Don’t miss them at Nietzsche’s on Fat Tuesday.

Skiffle Minstrels

Skiffle Minstrels

Armor Inn (6pm)

Guitar, harmonica, lap steel, accordion, fiddle—these are the instruments that make the sounds of the South, and the Skiffle Mistrels have mastered them. Their specialty is country western and Cajun standards that they combine with a slew of upbeat originals that keep their crowds dancing all night. The six-piece band from Buffalo released their debut full-length, Homespun—a title that perfectly describes the simply recorded, straight forward tunes within—two years ago. Shortly thereafter, in 2010, they were voted “Best New Original Band” by the Buffalo Music Awards, and “Best Country Band” in the Artvoice Best of Buffalo.

Joe Marohn

Creekview Restaurant, 7:30pm

Joe Marohn is one of the region’s sharpest and most energetic acoustic performers, and has opened for Brad Paisley, Diamond Rio, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Stripteasers

The Stripteasers


The Stripteasers, a local burlesque act and staple at Roxy’s on Thursday nights, use the power of body language to incite a sensual mood, performing to delight and inspire the crowd. Burlesque began as a satirical form of entertainment that explored sexuality, movement, comedy, and caricature. Since the 1990s, interest in burlesque has re-surged and it has been revived as a nostalgic, glamorous, ecdysiast-esque, and at times political, variety show. As a way of performing gender, burlesque is campy and fun while adding to the social commentary that began in the 1970s with body and performance art. The Stripteasers describe their performance as “dance, political satire, and queer sketch comedy to create a shocking, sex positive revue…The Stripteasers use their wit and sass to challenge social stigmas, gender hierarchy, and political constructs.”

Caitlin and the Jamie Moses Band

The Bend

Backed by AV publisher Jamie Moses and company, the sultry Caitlin Koch has made a mark on Buffalo’s music scene with a rich, bluesy voice that belies her youthful years.

It's ALL Allentown

Celebrating Fat Tuesday in the historic Allentown district means spending some time in your favorite colorful Allen Street haunts, venturing to the bustling and nearby Delaware Avenue and North Street, and exploring off the beaten path down narrow Virginia Place. Allentown always offers nighttime rendezvous, top-shelf cocktails, and eclectic live music, but on Mardi Gras the whole area cranks it up a few fat notches to really let the good times roll. Overflowing with bright beads, artsy patrons, and entertainment of every variety, historic Allentown is sure to be Buffalo’s own decadent New Orleans this Tuesday.

The Bend

256 Allen Street, Buffalo

Caitlin and the Moses Band, 7pm.

Cathode Ray

26 Allen Street, Buffalo

Colter Bay

561 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo

Cozumel Grill

153 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo

Music by Fritz the Kat with the Poor Boys starts at 7pm. Drink specials and taco platters will be available.


253 Allen Street, Buffalo

Duke’s Fattest Tuesday Party featuring LeeRon Zydeco and the Hot Tamales at 5:30pm followed by the Off the Grid Crew with DJ Dovie, Milk, and Cochise at 9:30pm, and later DJ Charlie the Butcher and MC Shuteyes. Hurricane drink specials and a complimentary grand Cajun buffet.

Fat Bob’s BBQ

41 Virginia Place, Buffalo

Denzell Ward & Cool Company at 6pm.


140 Allen Street, Buffalo

Authentic New Orleans Music spinning by The Big Easy in Buffalo. Fleuron Rouge Fusion Belly Dance will appear. Sponsored by Music is Art.


503 Franklin Street, Buffalo

Hardware Café

245 Allen Street, Buffalo

Mulligan’s Brick Bar

229 Allen Street, Buffalo

North Bar & Bistro

140 North Street, Buffalo


248 Allen Street, Buffalo

Mardi Gras celebration featuring the Zygotes, Ramforinkus, the Steam Donkeys, drag show with Chevon Davis & Friends, the Stripteasers, and the Albrights.


44 Allen Street, Buffalo

Karaoke at 10pm.


884 Main Street, Buffalo

Dance music from DJ Joe and burlesque act at 8pm.


274 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo

Midnight drag show with Chevon Davis & Friends.

Get Downtown!

Listen to the music of the traffic in the city. Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty. How can you lose? The lights are much brighter there. You can forget all your troubles. Forget all your cares and go…DOWNTOWN! Oh, ya, ma petite amie. Petula Clark nailed it when she belted out that famous advice, and there’s no better day to take her up on it than on Fat Tuesday.

For, within easy walking distance you can enter over a dozen happening bars and nightclubs on nothing but the charm of your smile and a $5 wristband. When you purchase your wristband at any one of the venues participating in the Artvoice Mardi Gras celebration, you gain admission to any participating club—from Williamsville to Elmwood Village, to Allentown, to Downtown, to Hamburg. While the proceeds from these wristband sales all go to one of two worthy charities (G4G or Hospice), if you choose to purchase yours at a downtown club, your money will be designated to help Hospice.

Below is a list of venues to check out, including Noir Ultra Lounge, where live music and genuine Pat O’Brien’s Hurricanes will be mixed using ingredients shipped up from the legendary French Quarter institution. Whatever you do, don’t miss the festive Mardi Gras pageantry of the big midnight show at Club Marcella!

67 West

67 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo

Bada Bing

115 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo


79 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo

Bottoms Up

69 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo

City Tavern

51 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo

$3 Southern Comfort hurricanes, $3 Labatt Blue, Light, and Lime. $3 Southern Comfort shots.

Club Marcella

662 Main Street, Buffalo

Long-time supporters of Artvoice Mardi Gras. Club doors open at 9pm and excitement builds to Buffalo’s greatest drag queen extravaganza at midnight.

Noir Ultra Lounge

88 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo

The Blues Hounds rocking from 5-8pm. Huge cajun buffet. Authentic hurricanes served in yard or hurricane glasses. Live DJ, 10pm-4am.

D’Arcy McGees

257 Franklin Street, Buffalo


492 Pearl Street, Buffalo


Chippewa & Franklin Street, Buffalo


333 Franklin St, Buffalo


118 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo

SoHo Burger Bar

118 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo

It Takes an Elmwood Village

If you’re a city-dweller, or even if you’re just visiting the city, it pays on Mardi Gras to stay on the move. The stretch of participating bars and clubs on Elmwood Avenue, conveniently looking out on the Artvoice Mardi Gras Parade route, are a great place to start the night before descending upon Allentown. Or (and?) to end the evening. Or to hunker down all night.

From Goodbar with its pool tables and its first vantage on the parade (Goodbar and Coles are like the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary), to Blue Monk’s wide windows and endless beer list, to the Essex Street Pub (off the parade route, but cozy and outfitted with a killer jukebox), and at points in between, what we here at AV still call the Elmwood Strip is a Mardi Gras party just bursting to happen.

Below is a list of who’s taking part. Remember, that $5 wristband buys you entry into any of the venues, and every penny of that $5 goes to Give for Greatness, our campaign to provide funding for arts and cultural institutions in the region.

Blue Monk

727 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo


716 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo


1104 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo

Essex Street Pub

530 Rhode Island Street, Buffalo


1110 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo

JP Bullfeathers

1010 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo

Thirsty Buffalo

555 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo

Welcome, Williamsville!

Welcome to Mardi Gras, Williamsville! We’ll start you off with a nice Southern Comfort Cocktail. Drink it down quick and move onto something like a Tiger Paw or a Hurricane and then maybe you’ll be up to speed—because you’ve missed out on some good times. This is the first year that the Artvoice Mardi Gras Party has made it out to the ’burbs, and what a great year it will be, with lots of live entertainment, spicy food, and plenty of Mardi Gras style cocktails spilling within walking distance on Main Street.

Check out our list of official Mardi Gras venues and their specials for this Fat Tuesday below. A $5 wristband buys you entry into any of these venues, and every penny of that $5 goes to Give for Greatness, our campaign to provide funding for arts and cultural institutions in the region.

Creekview Restaurant

5629 Main Street, Williamsville

Live music by Joe Marohn starting at 7:30pm. Classic Mardi Gras cocktails including Hurricanes and Mojitos. Traditional New Orleans style food.

Glen Park Tavern

5507 Main Street, Williamsville

Live jazz starting at 8pm. Mardi Gras food menu.

The Irishman Pub and Eatery

5601 Main Street, Williamsville

Fat Tuesday Party featuring live New Orlean’s style jazz by East of Paradise, the Southern Comfort Girls, and plenty of beads.

Pairings Wine Bar

5893 Main Street, Williamsville

Live music, special Cajun menu items, beads, drink specials, and giveaways.

Hello, Hamburg!

Our neighbors in Hamburg enjoy a strip of restaurants and watering holes that would give any district in the city a run for its money. Which is to say, downtown Hamburg is ripe for a Mardi Gras celebration—people spilling onto the streets and letting loose, hooting and hollering, eating and drinking like there are 40 days of bereftitude stretching ahead of them.

So gratefully we welcome the clubs below into the Artvoice Mardi Gras Party family. As is true everywhere else, a $5 wristband buys you entry into any of the venues, and every penny of that $5 goes to Give for Greatness, our campaign to provide funding for arts and cultural institutions in the region.

Armor Inn

5381 Abbott Road, Hamburg

A free Cajun style buffet, plus music by the Skiffle Minstrels (6pm) and LeeRon Zydeco (8pm).

Braymiller’s Lanes

39 Buffalo Street, Hamburg

Buffalo Street Grill

61 Buffalo Street, Hamburg

Gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and other New Orleans favorites.

Coyote Cafe

36 Main Street, Hamburg

JP Fitzgerald’s

4236 Clark Street, Hamburg

Mason’s Grille 52

52 Main Street, Hamburg

O’Brien’s Bistro

32 Main Street, Hamburg

Cajun menu featuring gumbo, spinach balls, shrimp creole, Louisiana bayou fish fry, jambalaya, red beans and rice, corn bread, and Labatt and Southern Comfort drink specials—including hurricanes.

The Pour House

23 South Buffalo Street, Hamburg

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