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“I think my body’s starting to turn on me. I don’t know how much longer I can do this.” This dialogue, spoken by Caleb Landry Jones in the sober Antiviral, an IFC release premiering at the Screening Room this Friday, sums up the themes in this debut chiller from Brandon Cronenberg, son of famed Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg. The senior Cronenberg pioneered the subgenre of “body horror” films—depictions of the human body in revolt—and perfected it with The Fly. Comparisons are unavoidable since the younger filmmaker is exploring territory similar to that in his father’s early work, particularly Shivers (released in the US as They Came From Within) and Videodrome. I suspect that most people who see Antiviral will do so for this very reason.


The most interesting thing about Oblivion, if you ask me, is the release pattern: By the time it opens in North American this weekend, it will already have been seen just about everywhere in the world except Japan, which doesn’t get it until May 31.

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