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Design competition winners reimagine the Central Park Plaza at UB Anderson Gallery

The subject matter of the exhibit at the Anderson Gallery called Strip Appeal may not be what you’re thinking. The exhibit is on an international design competition for ideas regarding adaptive reuse of strip malls, linear retail commercial developments of a handful to a few dozen stores that sprung up like noxious weeds in suburbs and sometimes cities in the second half of the last century. Developments with a calculated vital period of maybe 15 to 20 years before senescence and decrepitude.

New work by Tara Sasiadek at Art Space

Any art show I wake up thinking about at 4am must surely have aspects of consequence. (Musing over recent works by Tracy Emin and Cindy Sherman in placing their demurely posed nude art selves in the pages of Playboy called to mind Camilla Paglia’s editorial rant on the commodification of fine art.) But, as it was, I lay awake trying to find a generous approach to reviewing the exhibit Coming Soon, giving the artist, Tara Sasiadek, due consideration for her ambition in producing a coherent body of work while prompting viewers/readers to think about what the exhibition says about the state of much contemporary art.

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