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Please, No More Carl Paladino

Well, I was hoping I could end the year without being subjected to another one of Carl “Mad as Hell” Paladino’s negative rants. Oops! Afraid not, as what did I see in the closeout issue of Artvoice for 2012: Carl “Man of the People” Paladino slamming Andrew Rudnick and some other useless, non-elected political hack (Artvoice, December 20, “Back Page”).

The disturbing thing about the “last word” page is not more of Carl’s negativity but the fact that you bothered to print a whole page of it. What, Carl couldn’t afford to deface one of his vacant properties with a billboard “hit” list? No disrespect to Italian Americans, but really, Carl, that’s a pretty poor choice of words. Sic semper tyrannis.

Bored as hell with Carl,

> David Hill, Buffalo

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