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James Allen and Adele Henderson at Buffalo Arts Studio

Why cliché metaphorical expressions become clichés, overused, trite, limp, lifeless, is that originally—the first time employed by whatever usually forgotten genius—they were vividly descriptive. James Allen’s paintings and sculptures currently on show at Buffalo Arts Studio are an attempt to revitalize, revivify, some cliché expressions—skeletons in the closet, the shorthand term “chopper” for helicopter aircraft—by literalizing the metaphor.

Esperanza Mayobre at Hallwalls

In 1933 Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius fled the looming putsches of the Nazis for the US and, with fellow immigrant artist Joseph Albers, created Black Mountain College in Asheville, North Carolina. Gropius considered architecture to be the crown of the arts—the discipline that everything led up to. It took everything below it into account because drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. could all be considered elements in a larger architectural framework.

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