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The Iceman

Whatever version of his story you chose to believe, and there will probably never be one that can be agreed on, Richard Kuklinski was one scary son of a bitch. Prior to his arrest in 1986, he probably killed more than 100 people, maybe as many as 250. One at a time, starting at the age of 14. He only turned pro years later; before getting work with New Jersey mobsters, he dealt with his inner demons by killing random vagrants in the seedier areas of Manhattan, knowing that the police were unlikely to waste too much time investigating.

Something in the Air

In Something in the Air, French director Olivier Assayas (Summer Hours) tackles a subject that only very rarely makes it into feature films: the often complex relations between art and politics in modern society. More specifically, he’s given us a portrait of the very young man as a budding artist amid an era of intense political disputes, protests, and violent clashes across much of the world. Assayas’s movie isn’t just looking back to the early 1970s; it had a strong autobiographical inspiration. Assayas was there, at the same age as his adolescent protagonist, Gilles, whose life bears significant resemblances to his creator’s.

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