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Finger-Painting With Charlie Clough

You can watch artist Charles Clough make a “big finger” painting—and participate if you like—Friday, June 21, in the Katherine Cornell Theater, Ellicott Complex, UB north campus. An all-day project, scheduled from 9am to 5pm. Then at 6pm, have dinner with the artist and other participants, in the food court down the corridor. And at 8pm, hear Clough talk about his life in art and current venture, the Clufffalo Institute—three f’s—based on reestablishing his studio back in Buffalo, whence he started out in the artistically heady 1970s.

Photojournalism and Indigenous Art at Casa de Arte

In the early 1980s, as an exhibit specialist at the International Center of Photography in New York, I had the chance to work with the great photojournalist Susan Meiselas on her courageous project to expose the consummate horrors of the war in Nicaragua. Later I house-sat for her while she was on another assignment, taking the opportunity to look through her photo archive while monitoring her answering machine and feeding her cat. It was an illuminating experience to see all the shots she didn’t publish…horrors and tragedy anew.

Katherine Sehr's Drawings at Nina Freudenheim Gallery

While reading the Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki’s novel Some Prefer Nettles, I came across the line, “tightly woven in small subdued patterns, magnified heavy and stiff, as strands of chain.” He was speaking about fabric— the crepe and silk brocade of a geisha’s kimono. It reminded me of viewing Katherine Sehr’s “acts of drawing” at Nina Freudenheim Gallery.

Installations by Regional Artists at Squeaky Wheel

The Music Box: Adventures of Lucy and Renaldo, by the artist team Lauren Gay and Isaac Johnson, currently on show at Squeaky Wheel, is a multifarious installation consisting of four video projections—three on TVs, one on a wall—a couple of poetry chapbooks, some preliminary sketch-like drawings of babies, and some geometric doodles—and oh, a couch and a rocking chair, so you can sit and relax and take some time with this exhibit, think about it, try to figure out how the parts fit together to make a whole.

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