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Albright-Knox Art Gallery Showcases its Pop Art Collection

Sweet Dreams, Baby, the Pop Art and its predecessors show currently at the Albright-Knox comprises some of the really fun stuff.

Hyeyoung Shin's Installation at UB's Anderson Gallery

Writing about the artist Hyeyoung Shin’s show, Books and Rituals, at Western New York Book Arts Center in 2011, I mused upon the idea of her artwork: highly idiosyncratic images and forms of feet. It brought to my mind the torturous Asian “art” of “ foot-binding” practiced until fairly recently on young girls in the upper classes, correspondingly the “natural foot” being the unbound symbol of a peasant work force, bare of foot striding into a well grounded future under post-revolutionary Chairman Mao. Shin wrote back, disabusing me of the notion her work had anything to do with foot-binding.

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